Scoop & Weigh

What is it?

At Coachwerks Wholefoods not all of the food we sell is on the shelves, pre-packed for sale. Behind the counter we have a wide range of amazing organic, nuts, seeds, beans, pulses, grains and dried fruits, which we sell as ‘Scoop & Weigh’.

We @ Coachwerks Wholefoods think good quality organic food should be affordable, so we buy wholefoods in bulk and then pass on the savings to our ‘Scoop & Weigh’ customers.

Want to buy delicious, nutritious ‘Scoop & Weigh’ wholefoods?

How does it work?

  1. Check out our list of ‘Scoop & Weigh’ wholefoods.
  2. Decide what you want and tell us @ the counter.
  3. We’ll weigh it out and price up it.
  4. You’ll save money!

At Coachwerks Wholefoods we want to reduce waste from packaging. So if you bring bags or containers, for us to fill, when you buy ‘Scoop & Weigh’, we’ll give you a 2% discount.

Price list

Scoop & Weigh Price List (PDF, 41kB)

(Prices are subject to change, and prices on the web site are for indication only.)