Our suppliers

Infinity Foods is a Workers’ Cooperative, Brighton landmark & hardly needs an introduction!  Infinity supply the delicious nuts, seeds, dried fruits, pulses, grains & cereals, we sell as ‘Scoop & Weigh’ wholefoods.

Infinity also supply the loose Herbs & Spices that you’ll see in big jars, in our shop.

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 Bartleby’s Brewery is a Workers’ Cooperative, running a small, ethical microbrewery based in the Coachwerks, right next to our shop! They make small batches of amazing, hand-crafted vegan beer. Like us, Bartleby’s are passionate about reducing waste & recycling.

So we’re delighted to be selling Bartleby’s beer, as a refill, straight from the keg.

You pay £1.50 deposit for a reusable glass bottle.  We fill it up with Bartleby’s finest.

You go home & enjoy your beer… then bring your bottle back to refill.


Hail Seitan is a non hierarchical, ethical vegan food collective, based in Brighton. They supply us with the delicious hummus you’ll find in our fridge. As you may have heard, great plans are afoot at Coachwerks & soon there’ll be a new catering kitchen in the main space.

Once the new kitchen’s open, Hail Seitan Collective will be supplying us with more vegan deli delights… sausages, pasties, different dips…  Can’t wait!



Suma Wholefoods are a Workers’ Cooperative. Among other things, Suma supply us with wonderful dairy free yoghurt, cheeses, tofu & other tasty chilled goods.


Flint Owl Bakery make the tastiest bread, ever!

This amazing bread doesn’t contain any artificial additives or preservatives, it’s made naturally, using organic stoneground flours & traditional methods. As well as tasting great, Flint Owl bread is also easier to digest & stays fresh longer, because the bakers use little or no yeast & instead ferment the bread for a long time.   Flint Owl Bakery make lots of different loaves.  Look at the selection here.

We stock a range of Flint Owl bread, but it sells out fast. So if you want to pre-order a loaf, let us know, then you’ll be sure to get what you want.

Fruit & Vegetables

At Coachwerks Wholefoods we want our fruit & veg to be good for people & the planet.

We don’t want to damage human health, the natural environment, or wildlife with pesticides.  So our fresh produce is always  organic & sometimes  biodynamic. If we can get local produce we do. We want to support local producers & be part of sustainable local economies. We also want reduce pollution from food transportation.

The Seasons at Forest Row supply us with wonderful  organic &  biodynamic fruit &  vegetables, grown in Sussex, Kent & beyond.

Brambletye Fruit Farm in Sussex provide us with biodynamic delicious apples & pears.

Our wonderful seasonal vegetables come from local producers  Cherry Gardens Organic Farm & Ashurst Organics.