2016 International Year of Pulses & Veganuary

Pictured below are just some of the wonderful organic pulses we sell as ‘Scoop & Weigh’.  At Coachwerks Wholefoods we love pulses because they are so versatile, healthy & nutritious.

If you buy ‘Scoop & Weigh’ pulses from us they are affordable too!


Fantastic photography by Cyril Holas @ Coachwerks Community Darkroom. Beautiful bowls by  Rachel Entwistle, potter @ Coachwerks.

The UN has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses . This is because pulses are such an important part of a healthy diet. On Wednesday 6 January, people from all around the world will be marking this event. At Coachwerks Wholefoods we’ll be doing our bit by giving customers a 5% discount on our range of ‘Scoop & Weigh’ pulses. If you bring your own packaging, you’ll get a further 2% discount!

  • Aduki beans will be £ 2.74 per kg
  • Black turtle beans: £ 1.44 per kg
  • Butter beans: £ 3.34 per kg
  • Cannelini beans: £ 2.85 per kg
  • Chickpeas: £ 1.80 per kg
  • Mung beans: £ 3.34 per kg
  • Pinto beans: £ 2.35 per kg
  • Red kidney beans: £ 3.59 per kg
  • Beluga lentils: £ 3.83 per kg
  • Brown lentils: £ 2.50 per kg
  • French-type lentils: £ 2.39 per kg
  • Green lentils: £ 2.93 per kg
  • Red split lentils: £ 1.89 per kg
  • Green split peas: £ 2.35 per kg
  • Yellow split peas: £ 2.35 per kg

All our pulses are certified organic.


DSC_0593To help people make the transition to a healthier, plant-based diet, every January is Veganuary. As people who have made the transition ourselves, we @ Coachwerks Wholefoods are happy to give advice. Shopping with us is easy, as we are 100% vegan! Our shelves are a testament to the fact that a vegan diet can be varied & delicious. We have amazing breads, fantastic fresh fruit and vegetables; wonderful dairy alternative to milk, yoghurt and cheese and much more besides! We also sell a range of yummy vegan treats. Plus vegan toiletries and household products, many on refill.


2 thoughts on “2016 International Year of Pulses & Veganuary

  1. Congratulations Megan. well proud of you and your efforts. One of my dream is to open a wholefood shop (there are not enough in Brighton) will be visiting you often. the very best of luck Rosie Barnard.

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