We are busy building the Coachwerks Wholefoods shop…

Over tDSC_0073he last few months, we have been busy building our wholefood shop in the Coachwerks in Hollingdean. We cleared the space, ripped out the strip lighting and installed a brand new ceiling. We got rid of the prefabricated stained glass panes, and in the process had to rebuild the entire front wall of the shop. We replaced the single door with double doors to create an inviting space. Around the back of the building, we have dug out tons and tons of earth and rubble, hoisting them over the roof one bucket at a time.

Over the next few weeks we will be putting in a new floor, painting all the walls and ceilings, putting in the shop shelves and counters and adding attractive lighting. We will put in fridges, cash registDSC_0075ers and digital scales. Finally, we will stock the shelves with a wide range of exciting foods, household products and toiletries. We have created a special shelf, with its own little window to the outside world, on which we will display all the wonderful pottery, woodwork and stonework that is being created by the artists and makers of the Coachwerks. You will also be able to purchase handcrafted ales made by our friends from Bartleby’s brewery, mere feet away.

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