Spring has sprung…

So get sprouting!

Sprouting seeds, pulses, beans & grains is an easy & economical way of growing your own fresh food all year round.

Alfalfa sprouts, close-up (differential focus)

At this time of year, in the ‘hungry gap’, when local seasonal vegetables are scarce & the choice is limited, sprouting at home is a good alternative to relying on imported fresh produce.

Sprouted seeds, pulses, beans & grains are very nutritious. You also get a tasty crop very quickly…  depending on what you are growing, your sprouts will be ready in 3-8 days.

At Coachwerks Wholefoods we stock a wide range of organic seeds, pulses, beans & grains that you can sprout at home… Chickpeas, lentils,  mung & aduki beans & buckwheat groats & so on.  These will all produce different kinds of sprout, with different tastes & textures. For example, mung beans produce a sprout that’s great in stir fries.

We also stock a great Sprouter, that will make your adventures in sprouting even easier.

This Sprouter only costs £7.46, it’s sturdy & will last you a really long time…  I’ve had mine for years!

Being Fare Sprouter

It’s got 3 sprouting trays (so you can grow 3 different things at once if you want). These are are slated, so the water can run through & there’s a green drip tray, to catch any overflow.  It comes with full instructions, alfalfa seeds to start you off & there’s a nutritional chart on the box.


Happy Sprouting!


Easter 2016

During the Easter break we’ll be closed  for an extra two days, on Good Friday & Saturday, but otherwise our opening & closing times will stay the same.

Please see dates & times below…

March 2016

24th Thursday 9am-5pm
25th Good Friday – closed
26th Saturday – closed
27th Easter Sunday – closed
28th Bank holiday Monday – closed
29th Tuesday 9am – 5pm






Made in Coachwerks

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We’re now showcasing and selling some of the amazing arts and crafts produced by Coachwerks makers. In the shop we’ve got striking photographs by Cyril Holas and stunning pottery by Rachel Entwistle and Alice Duck.

Rachel’s pottery is tactile and earthy. Her pots, bowls and jugs are sometimes partially glazed to reveal the underlying textures.

Alice creates beautiful, quirky homeware, each piece is a contemporary twist on tradition.

Cyril Holas combines unusual angles, stark contrasts and mirrored effects in his evocative black and white, analog photography.




New Opening Times

After talking to some of you we’ve changed our opening ours to better fit in with your days. We now open 9am-5pm on Tuesday and Thursday so that you can drop in to the shop on the way back from the school run. We are open as usual 10am-6pm Wednesday and Fridays and 9-5pm on Saturdays.

Monday: closed

Tuesday: 9AM to 5PM

Wednesday: 10AM to 6PM

Thursday: 9AM to 5PM

Friday: 10AM to 6PM

Saturday: 9AM to 5PM

Sunday: closed

We will also be open during some evenings. Watch this space.